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We've worked with more than 17 000 successful Chartered Accountants in the past 21 years. At APT we are experienced and focused on your journey to become a professional Chartered Accountant and a future business leader.

This year we are investing further in your successful outcome, before you have even registered!

We realise that it becomes daunting to suddenly be faced with the pressure of choosing an APC Programme. To help make the correct course decision, we have created a toolkit to assist you. Our toolkit will help you develop the skills you need to start the APC Programme and prepare some skills to guide you, all with no obligation.

In our toolkit you will have access to course info, an intro to eWriting, hear from successful candidates, see how our online portal aptassist works, and learn about our webinars and mentor assistance. We also offer a chance to earn a financial incentive discount.

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